What is Pre-cum?

“What is pre-cum?” and “What does pre-cum do” are both common queries for people of all levels of sexual experience. Whether you are new to sex or you’ve been getting it on for years, pre-cum may still be a mystery.

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Pre-cum is the male equivalent to a woman’s vagina getting wet upon arousal. When things start getting steamy in the bedroom, a man may notice a clear liquid leaking from the tip of his penis. Once again like a woman getting wet when aroused, the purpose is lubrication, though of a slightly different sort. Pre-cum serves to lubricate the inside of the urethra as well as make it less acidic, giving sperm cells the best chance possible of making it out alive.

Many people may wonder can pre-cum cause pregnancy, and the answer is no. Pre-cum is an entirely different fluid from semen and contains no sperm cells. Still, if pregnancy is something you’d rather avoid, using a condom is always advised.

Pre-cum may be a mysterious occurrence, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. It’s cause and purpose are both as simple as it gets. Best of all, pre-cum is a telltale sign of arousal and enjoyment in a man. If you are a woman, pre-cum means that you are pressing all the right buttons with your partner. If you are a man, pre-cum means the night’s entertainment is going to be incredibly enjoyable for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Cum

There are still a few sexual mysteries that somehow seem to perplex people, but few are as widely misunderstood as pre-cum. Many people think pre-cum is a sign of premature ejaculation, while others fear getting a woman pregnant from pre-cum. Fortunately, pre-cum isn’t all that hard to fully understand, and knowing what it is, what it does, and what causes it may make your sexual adventures all the more enjoyable.

What is Pre-Cum?

Pre-cum is a fluid produced in the Cowper’s gland upon arousal. Much like a woman’s vagina may become “wet” when she is aroused, arousal causes a man’s penis to begin leaking a small amount of clear fluid. This fluid is commonly referred to as pre-cum.

What Does Pre-Cum Do?

Most people can identify pre-cum when they see it, but the confusion comes when asked what it does. The primary purpose of pre-cum is to serve as a lubricant, not to make intercourse easier like the lubricants a woman produces when she is aroused, but to make it easier for sperm to travel up the urethra. Pre-cum also serves to eliminate acid in the urethra. Urine is highly acidic and leaves a man’s urethra a hostile environment for sperm cells to survive. Pre-cum, however, makes the urethra less acidic, giving sperm cells the best chance possible of survival.

Can Pre-Cum Get a Woman Pregnant?

This is a concern that many have about pre-cum, especially if they are relying on the method of pulling out before ejaculation to avoid the potential of pregnancy. Pre-cum, however, contains no sperm cells. As mentioned previously, pre-cum is produced in a gland known as the Cowper’s gland, unlike sperm cells which are produced only in the testicles.

However, if a man has not urinated since the last time he ejaculated, there may still be trace amounts of semen in his urethra, and, consequently, in his pre-cum. While men produce very little pre-cum, and the pre-cum they do produce contains a negligible amount of sperm cells, if any at all, it is always better safe than sorry.

Pre-cum itself is not able to impregnate a woman, but anytime you are “riding bareback” you are playing with fire.

Is Pre-Cum a Symptom of Premature Ejaculation?

The short and definitive answer to this question is no. Even so called “marathon men” may produce pre-cum upon arousal. Pre-cum is part of the sexual process entirely separate from ejaculation and is in no way an indicator of how close a man is to ejaculation.

If you do happen to suffer from premature ejaculation, know that pre-cum is neither a symptom nor a cause of this condition, or any other condition for that matter. It is a perfectly normal part of sexual arousal that men of all levels of lasting power experience.

A Simple Sign of Arousal

Pre-cum is a sign of arousal and an aid to sperm cells—nothing more, nothing less. Now that you know all there is to know about this mysterious fluid, go out and enjoy a safe and satisfying sex life!

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